The Kansas City Latin Jazz Orchestra was formed to preserve and elevate the artforms & traditions of Latin American and Salsa music as it exists in conjunction with the cultural expressions of folkloric & community dance. We accomplish this by advocating for and demonstrating the local and international cultural relevance of these artforms within the historical evolution of jazz through cultural immersion, community engagement, youth education, and performance.


Founded in June of 2018 the Kansas City Latin Jazz Orchestra is a comprised of intercultural and intergenerational artists from the Afro-Latin American Diaspora. Founded and Directed by Pablo Sanhueza, the ensemble revives and perpetuates the tradition of Afro-Latin orchestral and social dance music.


The Kansas City Latin Jazz Orchestra is the region's premier salsa & latin jazz ensemble. Founded and Directed by Pablo Sanhueza, this collective integrates intercultural and intergenerational local, national and international artists, to preserve, project and foster Afro-Latin American orchestral and social dance music. Vibrant and timeless music for international all-ages dance and listening audiences.

Pablo Sanhueza is the Kansas City region’s foremost Salsa & Latin Jazz percussionist, bandleader and co-founder of the Kansas City Latin Jazz Orchestra. Since his arrival to Kansas City in 1996, he has distinguished himself as the avant-garde of Latin American and Caribbean music across the Midwest. 2018, marks the Fifteenth Anniversary of his artistry as a Salsa & Latin Jazz Bandleader.  His most accomplished project to date, KC Latin Jazz All-Stars; blends cultural immersion, preservation, and evolution of Latin Jazz in Kansas City. Sanhueza studied with the Cuban Rumba and Folkloric ensemble, Los Muñequitos de Matanzas, a during their residency at University of New Mexico; as well as National Endowment for the Arts recognized Cuban ritual percussionist Felipe Garcia Villamill. In 2006, he toured Europe with saxophonist and composer Bobby Watson appearing at Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, Red Sea Jazz Festival in Holland and Champs Elysees in Paris, France.

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